Meet Me

Howdy!  I’m Valerie and this is my Keep Calm Bake blog.  I believe that Julia Child said it best, “Pphotoeople who love to eat are always the best people”

This year, I have had some health issues and I adopted the “Keep Calm” attitude in my life.  My blog is a reflection of that attitude and the things I am passionate about: family/friends, baking/food, health/fitness and doing all things with a sprinkle of love.

I grew up surrounded by love and appreciating the fragrance of down home southern cookin’.  My mama never followed a recipe and being a rebellious teen I refused to learn the secrets of my mama’s kitchen.  When my mom passed away I was confused and insecure about cooking but I discovered the secret of her kitchen and it is LOVE.  My own family has inspired me to do my best and to do small things with great LOVE.  My best seasoning to my food is the love I put in it.  My husband is the president of my fan club and I am a pretty big deal…in my own kitchen.  My better half stimulates all my interests and he is the enthusiastic voice that provides the motivation for me to follow my dreams. Once again Julie said it best, “Romance is the icing but love is the cake.”

I now live in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming with my husband, two children and two dogs.   Wyoming is very different from Virginia (west vs. east as I lovingly describe it) but what I love the most about my home is whom I share it with.  I teach at a middle school where my students have been my taste testers on many occasions.  I should make a poster and hang in my room – Stop hating Start baking!

I collect workout videos and swear one day I will use them all.  I enjoy a cup of tea and a thick cookbook – I am in heaven.  I dislike rude people, enough said.  I always believe that something wonderful is about to happen and a cupcake is a smile with frosting on it.

Always wear your invisible crown and stay hungry my friends,


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